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Premium Hand Held Stainless Steel Bidet Set

Premium Hand Held Stainless Steel Bidet Set

Premium Hand Held Stainless Steel Bidet Set

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How have I not been using this my whole life?!

A GAME CHANGER - You know those life hacks that forever change your life and you wonder how you went so long without it? Getting a bidet is honestly one of those things! After using a bidet, you'll feel so much cleaner and you'll never want to use a toilet without one!

SAVE MONEY - When you use a bidet, you'll save money on toilet paper. Let the bidet do the cleaning, and just use TP to dry up. Saves money and it's eco-friendly!

MULTIPLE USES - A bidet is not only amazing for personal hygiene, but can also be used to easily clean the toilet, clean baby diapers, and can even wash your pets too!

EASY INSTALLATION - Installation takes 10 minutes! Includes everything you need. The bidet can easily be installed under most toilet water tanks just using your hands. Great for homes and apartments!

ADJUSTABLE PRESSURE - Easily control the water pressure by gently squeezing the trigger on the bidet handle. Adjust between a gentle flow and max pressure, depending on your needs and comfort. 


Our bidet offers a vast improvement on how someone cleans and gets fresh after using the bathroom. After trying this bidet, you'll wonder why you weren't using one sooner! 

Without being too graphic, imagine if a bird flying above were to drop a fresh bum slug right onto your arm! Gross! To clean it off, would you just use a paper towel and call it good? Of course not! You'd find the nearest sink and clean it off with water! Shouldn't the same be true for bathroom hygiene? 

This premium bidet set comes with everything you need to take your daily bathroom cleanliness to the next level. Installation takes 10 minutes and you can install it by hand! 

Living in an apartment or rental? This bidet is perfect for you! Just as easy as the installation, you can also easily uninstall this bidet from the toilet without leaving any damage or modifications. 

While great for everyday bathroom hygiene, this bidet is also perfect for seniors with limited mobility. In addition, this bidet can be used to clean the toilet, clean cloth baby diapers, and washing pets. 


Weight: 1.6 lbs
Style: Hand held bidet
Color: Silver

Materials: Stainless steel, brass
T-valve installation: Water supply valve or toilet tank
Bidet holder installation: Toilet tank hook or wall mounted
Package includes: 

  • Bidet sprayer handle 
  • T-valve adapter
  • 4.9 ft hose
  • Bidet holder
  • Teflon plumbers tape
  • Rubber washer
  • 2 x screws
  • 2 x wall anchors

Shipping: 1-2 weeks USA, 3-4 weeks international

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After discovering bidets on our vacation to Thailand, we bought a bidet the day we returned home.

Adam Gefre

I'll never go back to only using TP. A bidet is so much cleaner.

Michelle Pearce

I can't believe I've gone so long without a bidet. Seriously a life changer. 

CJ Reed
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