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Easy Installation Guide

Installation is easy and takes about 10 minutes! Follow these quick 5 steps to install your new bidet:

STEP 1: 
Turn off the water supply valve that feeds water to your toilet tank. The water supply is normally located behind the toilet or near the toilet.

Flush the toilet to remove water from the toilet tank. The toilet tank should not refill with water now that the water supply is turned off. Grab a towel and place it under the toilet tank on the floor to avoid a water mess in step 3.

Disconnect the water hose that is connected to the toilet water tank. This should be located directly below the tank. You should be able to disconnect this hose by hand. Grab the T-valve adapter from the bidet kit, along with the rubber washer, and screw the T-valve onto the toilet water tank along with the rubber washer to prevent leaks. Hand tightening should be fine.

Now connect the water supply hose to the end of the T-valve adapter, hand tightening should be fine. Grab the new hose from the bidet kit, and connect this hose to the T-valve as well. 

Grab the new bidet handle from the kit and screw this on to the other end of the new hose. Place the included bidet holder on the toilet tank using the hook. Check again to make sure all connections are hand tight. Slowly turn on the water supply and check for any leaks. If everything looks good, you have successfully installed your new bidet!

Additional Information: 

  • If you notice any water leaks after following and completing the installation instructions, you can try using the included Teflon plumbers tape on the connection(s) that are leaking. This should stop the water from leaking. Make sure all connections are hand tight.
  • The included T-valve adapter can be installed either on the toilet water tank, or it can be installed directly on the water supply valve. We suggest installing the T-valve on the water tank because this installation is easier. 
  • The included bidet handle holder can be installed either on the toilet tank using the hook or mounted on the wall with the included screws and wall anchors. 
  • You can adjust the water flow/pressure to your bidet by adjusting the handle on the included T-valve.
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